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Edison LED Light Bulb filament

Retro Edison LED Filament Light Bulb Clear Glass

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We all want the best for our loved ones...LED light bulbs are fast replacing older lights. 

From CFL to incandescent, LEDs are by far the better choice. They can be so much more energy efficient and can last up to eleven times longer.

The warm yellow color produced by the vintage Edison light bulb has been proven to be better for our loved ones and friends at night.

Even smartphones can now change the screen color temp to warmer at night.

So besides being an amazing beautiful LED light bulb to look at this light bulb can actually help you get better sleep. 

Item Type:
Retro Edison LED Filament Light Bulb Clear Glass
Power Tolerance: 2%
Beam Angle(°): 360°
Average Life (hrs): 25000
Luminous Flux: 250 - 499 Lumens
Color Temperature: Warm White (2700-3500K)
material: Glass
filament: 1910 Edison bulb led