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8x zoom telescopic lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens
Telephoto Zoom Lens

Telephoto Zoom Lens

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A little history about the eye piece telescope.

The earliest known telescope in history first appeared in 1608 in the Netherlands. Some dude named Hans Lippershey who was an eyeglass maker tried to apply for a patent on one...

The designs of these early refracting telescopes consisted of a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece. Did I loose some of you there with that technical science mumbo jumbo stuff just now?

It seems that those with retinal disorders are all to familiar with the need for vision magnification for up close tasks. However, there is less known about the need to magnify distance vision. Even though most people have used binoculars at some point to watch a sporting event, a theater production or just for bird watching, they often don’t associate that this same technology can be useful to their everyday living and smartphone picture and video capturing needs. Telescopic zoom lenses not only allow objects or views to appear larger, but thanks to high definition optics, also brighter and clearer.

Give your videos and pictures that professional looking telephoto lens feel and everyone will be complementing you by recommending you for a career in photography. 

Product Details: Universal 8X Zoom Telescope Phone Camera Lens with Clip for iPhone Samsung HTC Huawei Xiaomi Other Mobile Phones Compatible Brand: Palm,HTC,Blackberry,Panasonic,Apple iPhones,Samsung,Motorola,Sony-Ericsson,Nokia,Toshiba,LG Phone Camera Type: 8x Zoom Lens Phone Camera Type: Telephoto Lens
Lens Diameter: 25mm
Exit Pupil Diameter: 2.5mm
Field Angle: about 60 degree
Size: 3*3*


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